An optimal transport solution 

We deliver a strong commercial and environmental case for businesses, governments and the communities we operate in.

Intermodal Group recognises the effects the transport industry has on our community and the environment.

Our rail services offer strong commercial options either combined with, or in some cases as an alternative, to road transport.

Operating our own terminals at the Fremantle Port and Forrestfield, as well as servicing the Kwinana and Kalgoorlie lines, we provide an integrated service that has a significant social dividend for business and the community. These include:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced road congestion  on major roadways
  • Improved road safety
  • Elimination of unnecessary transport movements
  • Minimised road infrastructure damage.

As a community we need to make the best available use of our key infrastructure assets.

Not every container can travel by rail. In many cases due to geography and proximity to the port, road transport may still be the best solution.  However, where it is appropriate to do so, every container that travels by rail reduces the impact on our road and port infrastructure, freeing up capacity and providing a more efficient outcome for all transporters and port users. This helps make existing road transport more efficient.  In this way Intermodal is a crucial part of the overall supply chain for rail and non-rail users.

Every week our trains take 1,956 trucks off Perth’s roads.
That equates to more than 100,000 trucks every year!