Intermodal Link Services (ILS)

Intermodal Group’s ILS division was established in mid-2007 in response to the needs of a major agricultural exporter. The Company leveraged the opportunity to provide significant benefits to both importers and exporters and maximise efficiencies by back loading the rail service from Fremantle to Forrestfield creating a balanced two-way supply chain.

Today, ILS offers end-to-end services, operating two terminals strategically located in Fremantle and Forrestfield.

We do one thing and we do it well

ILS is not a traditional transport company. Our services are focused on shifting containers between the wharf and our rail terminals. Find out more about ILS’s services.

We free up trucks and increase capacity 

Rail is a complementary service component to the overall supply chain providing both operational and road fleet efficiencies. It is not a competitor to traditional road transport; however, servicing the wharf with a road only solution has several major challenges, especially for larger volume clients. Find out more about the advantages of Rail vs Road.