Making rail the smart transportation solution

There are myriad benefits of using rail over traditional road transportation. Not only does it allow for bulk volumes to be moved quickly and efficiently, it also has a positive impact on the environment and our community.

Areas we serve optimally

Rail is a complementary service component to the overall supply chain. Not every container can travel by rail. In many cases due to geography and proximity to the port, road transport may still be the best solution.

Intermodal Group is a crucial part of the overall supply chain for rail and non-rail users.

However, when it is appropriate to do so, every container that travels by rail reduces the impact on our road and port infrastructure. It frees up capacity and provides for a more efficient and commercial outcome for all transporters and port users. This helps make existing road transport more efficient.

The map below outlines the areas that deliver optimum benefits in using rail over road as an alternative transportation solution.


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