The capability to move 90 TEU per train and increasing 

Intermodal Group’s key difference is our ability to move bulk volumes quickly, efficiently and reliably with minimised impact on the environment and the community. Our ILS division has expanded in capacity from 50 TEU per train to 90 TEU per train, and continues to increase.

We move containers between the wharf and our rail terminals

ILS is not a traditional transport company as we are not involved with the end client nor the commodities. From that perspective, we do not provide end-to-end client service solutions directly (client to port or port to client).

We simply move freight efficiently and reliably to and from the Forrestfield precinct and the Port of Fremantle, as well as between the Kwinana and Kalgoorlie lines.

The Forrestfield terminal is serviced by direct clients with their own fleet, and third party clients are serviced by their own transport companies.

Our strengths include:

  • Full coverage of available VBS bookings, as one of the ports largest bulk volume carriers.
  • Capacity to run late night bulk runs providing a fast and efficient wharf interface.
  • Container staging allowing the consolidation and movement of bulk volumes within a shorter period of time.
  • Late night bulk runs and container staging freeing up port access for other users during the day.
  • The train services effectively flushing the port of container build up, reducing road and wharf traffic.

Our focus is on the delivery of efficiencies to our clients by offering rail as a strong commercial, community and environmental alternative. We achieve this through the capabilities and the services offered through the ILS division which operates out of two terminals:

Our rail service currently removes the need for 1,956 trucks from our roads each week, which presents significant benefits to the community and the environment. Click here to find out more.