North Quay Rail Terminal (NQRT)

NQRT is a strategic piece of Western Australia’s transport infrastructure that is critical to the smooth and efficient running of the Fremantle Port precinct.

At NQRT, ILS provides container handling and transportation services to and from the Fremantle wharf on behalf of our customers.

As a large bulk carrier   we have first-rate access to wharf bookings providing greater certainty and confidence for our clients.

ILS provides an efficient wharf interface with majority of our truck movements on and off the wharf operating at night to utilise stevedore bulk runs.

Key features of NQRT

  • Container handling
  • Transportation to and from the Fremantle wharves
  • World-class systems
  • Six train cycles per day.

A number of rail operators currently use this terminal including ILS for our Forrestfield service and Aurizon for services to both Kwinana and Kalgoorlie.

NQRT currently operates on a six day, 24 hour basis. A serviced focused business, we can also accommodate special projects. Contact us for more information.